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Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Bloggers Behind the Blog: Middle East Region

This will be a series of entry about the men and women behind the blog nominees to the Top 10 Pinoy Expats/OFW blog awards. First we will post about those in the Middle East Region.


Wits and Nuts, Abu Dhabi,UAE

 Wits and Nuts is a Jane Austen book lover, “A CPA, CIA, CFSA who initially wanted to be a writer when she was 15.  Born and raised in the Philippines but is blogging within the breeze of the Gulf.” Her blog is about food, films, books, music and life in the Philippines and UAE

Pamatay Homesick, Kuwait  
Everlito Villacruz is an interior designer/sculptor/painter, and based in Farwaniya, Kuwait. His blog is very funny and I am enjoying it myself. He said that maliban sa pagpipinta,kinagigiliwan niya rin malaman ang tradisyon,lugar at,ang ibat ibang kulturang kanyang ginagalawan...

The Sandbox, Saudi Arabia 
Ed, or Blogusvox is an engineer based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and is a cartoonist by heart. I have enjoyed his comical rendition through art of OFW’s life here in Saudi Arabia entitled Buhay Buhangin. He said of coming and working abroad; “All I want is to save enough money to buy a 286 computer. That's it. After that, I'm out of here. Nineteen years and several computers later, I’m still playing in "The Sandbox" along with my wife and wonderful daughter.

Rhapsody, Dubai,UAE
Rhapsody is being managed by Mylene based in Dubai. Her blog is one of the sources of information of most of the Filipino’s based in Dubai. She posts funny photos and stories that warm the heart. She was born the same day with Rizal, but she was named after Melanie Marquez.

Jhay is an OFW working in a Pharmaceutical company in Kuwait and has a hobby of taking pictures of anything. Hence, his blog is more like a photo blog. In his own words, “My life’s tidbits, my dreams, aspirations, travels and sojourns. My life here abroad, reminiscence and my continuing search of what life is all about. This is the life of the desert prince.”

Pinoy X sa Saudi, S. Arabia 
Mocs as he call himself is an OFW based in Saudi Arabia. He started blogging in 2005 and maintains blogs about biodiesel making and production, medical equipments review, retirement guides and tips, as well as Scholarships and jobs.
Pinoy in Iraq, Iraq 
Originally Astig Pinoy Iraq, Pinoy in Iraq is a group blog managed by the OFW's based in Camp Taji in the war zone of Iraq. ‘This blog is a cradle of free-speech. Although emanates from democracy, we intended all entries and publishes to be subjected to good Filipino moral, values, etiquette, and justice. WE are inviting all Pinoy in TAJI to contribute your ideas, insight, views, whether political or any topic of value that you think could pass on some significant information to our readers.

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