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Sunday, December 28, 2008


Magbubuhat po ako ng sarili kong upuan. I'm warning you that this will be cheesy!

Yes, that's me, Mr. Thoughtskoto and my supportive wife, Mrs. Thoughtskoto.

I am on my early 30's, toiling in the midst of the freezing sand dunes and eastern deserts of Saudi Arabia. I've been here for almost 5 years, and currently heading the Quality Assurance Department of a drinking water firm.

I am a father who wishes nothing but the best and great for his daughter, and a husband who love his wife more than she'll ever know and comprehend. I am a blogger of all sorts, political, gadgets, technology, spiritual, fun, ideas, freebies, anything that I think of, hence it is named Thoughtskoto, or 'these are my thoughts'.

I am a good and faithful employee to my employers, doing the task that is assigned to me, faithfully exceeding expectations not to impress but to leave a legacy so others will follow and benefit from whatever small good I might leave along the way.

I am a deeply religious person, and so with my wife, and so with my family. We come to Church and worship our God every Sunday,(Friday here in KSA) just like most of you. I volunteered two years of my life preaching what I believe to be true for free, without compensation, with considerable sacrifices, with tremendous faith.

I have a firm belief that education will unlock the door of opportunity and will uplift anyone from poverty. As you may know BELIEVE International is the recipient of anything that this project will earn( and so sadly we haven't receive any donations for such a noble charity). I always believe that if we invest in the education of our people, we can get out of the rot we are in now.
I am an OFW, striving, toiling and working with my hands in other lands, in foreign country, speaking different language, exerting my best and finest for the country I don't even have affinity with, but for the sake of my family, for the future of my children and me to better serve my country and fellowmen in the future.

I have been to different countries and places, I appreciate the magnificent infrastructure and the skycrapers that reaches the clouds, the beautiful places and the amazing culture of other countries, but there is nothing better than the dusty roads of Manila, the squatters of Tondo and the taste of Buko or Mais. There is no place like home, the Philippines. I feel akin to it, I feel tremendous joy when I am home, and I have money to spend. But when the well runs dry, and my pocket starts to empty, I will be back to foreign lands and work and save again.

That's OFW life, that's being expatriates.
I have lost count of over a thousand Filipino expats blog site in the internet. The modern heroes find blogging a way of unleashing the boredom working abroad. Other's find it the way to share their thoughts. Other's wanted to be informative, inspiring, radical, or simply writing the memories living in the foreign land. It is through this that this award project was born.

No money or big prizes at stake, except for the honor and the commendation that as an expat/OFW, you are recognized for making a difference in your own little way.

I am a kind and loyal friend. Each of the nominees and the sponsors and the judges, I consider them my friend, our friend. I will be making a special link for all of you here in Thoughtskoto, and in the Pinoy Blog Awards Site. I am also planning to make an aggregator site for all the expats nominees and winners and judges and sponsors.

There are other people behind this project that I will definitely not forget.

Pete Rahon, is my partner in this project. He does the matrix for the judging the nominees and my mentor during those times I needed some support. He is superbly wise and intelligent and yet kindhearted! If you are looking for someone who knows blogging and vlogging, and who is a master of the English language, he writes very well. He is a leader by word and deed. He is is very good friend.

Kerry Blair, my advisor about this project, my mentor, me and my wife's dear friend.
She is just an amazing author! I love her books! I've asked her to donate books to the winners!

Lionel Gonzaga and his wife Racquel is the amazing graphics artist couple based in Dubai who is behind the magic logo, banner, and the winners, nominees and judges badges and certificate logo.
His work is so amazing!

and the many wonderful people

Kater Shokran Sadik!
(Thank you very much, my friend!)


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