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Monday, January 5, 2009


For the sake of transparency to some who thinks we have our own agenda in choosing the winners, I am releasing the Criteria for Judging. If you go through the winners, I think without question, they deserve the honor. We are not just merely a popular contest, people can go to the site and vote for you, but there is a difference between blogging for popularity and money than blogging to inspire people to live better lives. There will be people who will question the process, but I can attest to the veracity of the ranking from the data’s that I received and the result is what it is.

Natatawa na lang ako kasi what if may monetary prize pa na involve? Recognition pa nga lang may nagquequestion na ng validity, haha. Pero ganun daw talaga. Di ba ang mangga sa tabi ng kalsada pag maraming bunga, susungkitin at babatuhin. So we are open to critics and doomsayers.

A -  Content                30%                                                    
1) contains write-up or articles regarding life abroad and enriches culture and heritage of the Philippines and the Filipino people
2) Inspirational and promotes peace and goodwill
3) Uniqueness –distinct characteristics, issues, concerns discussed, etc.

B – Blog Element       20%                                                    
1) Blog is visited and commented (interactivity)
2) Blog is updated regularly (at least monthly)
3) Creativity – lay-out/design, use of graphics, video, etc.

C)Visibility/Metrics    20%                                                     
1) Blog is linked with other bloggers and belongs to other bloggers community
2) uses/presence of blog devices (Technorati, Alexa, PageRank, social bookmarks)
3) blog content is searchable
D) Voting/Popularity  20%
E) Judges Vote           10%
Each judge was asked to choose their Top 10 Blogs from among the nominees.
Anyway, I would like to take this opportunity na sabihin that nomination will be open again on April for the 2009 Top 10 Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards. We definitely learn some lessons so valuable so that the next time we will be better na. Hopefully may venue na this December in Manila, at may sponsors na para kahit papaano may monetary prize din. Pero I am sticking to my original belief, it is not the monetary or material things that matters, and it is not what makes a blog and blogger the best. Sharing a part of you, making people happy and having fun while abroad and being recognized is the most important thing. Happiness and Joy, after all, cannot be bought or compensated. It is the free things in life that warms the heart…indi Kape, or Tsaa, Milo, or Gatas…

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