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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ang TEMA ng PEBA - Expounded

You are seeing an elegant and beautifully poise promotional logo for PEBA courtesy of Nebz, free for grab from his blogsite. Thank you po so much Nebz!

Ang TEMA ng PEBA - Expounded
"Filipinos Abroad - Hope of the Nation, Gift to the World."
“Pinoy Expats/OFW – Pag-asa ng Bayan, Handog sa Mundo.”

Natatawa ako kasi sa lahat kaming mga members ng Core Group ng PEBA,
ako lang yata ang nagtatagalog ng post. I’ve lost so much traffic
since I started a Taglish post, from monthly hits of 3,000 nasa less
than 1,000 hits na lang. Pero it’s not the traffic that is more
important to me now. Thoughtskoto may not be widely searched in Google,
but I wanted to make myself clear, I will sacrifice my traffic hits
just so I will be understood and so that I can express myself better,
clearer and understandable. I don’t believe that English posts are
nosebleed to Pinoys especially bloggers.
If you are articulate and
inspiring; if you are encouraging and informative; if you are witty
and yet making sense; people will definitely read your posts whether in English
or in our native language.
Filipinos are known to be very good in
English, wise, educated, and yes, bright and smart.

Ang pinakatema ng contest this year is all about
are times I am so sick and tired in watching news back home, and there
are times that I ask myself, may pag-asa pa kaya ang Pilipinas? Kahit
anong bansa dito sa mundo na corrupt, hindi na yata umunlad di ba?

Sinamahan pa ng economic downturn na tuluyang nagpalala ng sitwasyon.
What happens in the USA swings back and forth in every direction and hits
every stock markets and economies of the world.
Hope of the Nation
 Ang mga Expats and OFW, “with their talents, means, resources and
their blogs will serve as voices and beacons of hope”
With 12 MillionOFW’s in  over 182 countries and islands around the world, and with an
estimated minimum annual remittance to the Philippines of
736,000,000,000.00, (P736 Billion) OFWs are
  bearers of

hope to a country so troubled yet beloved.

Thus, Filipinos abroad are hope for the
Philippines – they keep the
Philippine economy afloat with the dollar influx, they feed millions
of families, send kids to good schools, engaged in some livelihood
businesses, helping create more jobs and generate activities of worthy
cause. I can expound it deeper and further, but suffice it to say,
OFW’s are the new heroes and hope of our society. If you are not
convinced that you are for our country, at least you are, to your love
ones left behind.

I’ve read the comment of a visitor in
The Pope, Palipasan  blog in
support of PEBA. He said;  
“I am an OFW son. Nakikita ko kung paano
nag-titiis si tatay to give us good life. Count me in. Suportahan
natin yan!.”
At si Tambay, hari daw siya ng sablay says “Naging interesado ako sa event na ito dahil ang aking erpats at iba pang mga kamag-anak ay nasa ibang bansa.
Nagpapakahirap. Nagpapakasakit.”
Count them twice or thrice and multiply to 12M, you will get an ideahow many millions of OFWs family members look up to them. It is the same reason for which we choose HOPE as a theme. OFW’s are real heroes and heroines, alive and
breathing and its time to stand hand in hand with head held high and
be heard, be counted. Kapit-kamay!
Gift to the World
You must have known or come across a Filipina Chef in the White House? Do you know
that Filipinos are the 2nd highest paid professionals in
America? Do you know
that Filipino seamen are the best and most hardworking sailors of the world’s oceans and seas? Do you know that Filipino nurses and caregivers are the most nurturing and
compassionate health workers? Do you know that there are

more than 4 million Filipinos in the
USA? That there are more than 2
million in Saudi Arabia and hundreds of thousands more in the Gulf countries and
considered as the highest paid-most trusted-accountants, engineers,

technicians, office staff and skilled workers? Do you know that
Filipinos are great examples to the people of Europe? Ask Francesca.
Everywhere you go, Filipinos shine forth as dedicated, hardworking and
fun loving people. Anywhere, when a Filipino touches a caliper, a keyboard, a syringe, a microphone, a machine, oil, water, earth, stone and fire, beauty and magnificence is created. Knowledge and creativity naturally and freely flows. Thus, producing result not only to the economy where an OFW works but also lifts a cheerful spirit, comfort and joy to loved ones back home.
Filipinos make this world a better place, I know, that sounds proud
and big-headed. But delete this 12 million people scattered in almost
every corner and continent of the world and you will see a grim world of
  Nation will be doomed to falter and perish. That’s not
exaggeration, that’s neither an assumption, that’s a fact and certainty! We

draw strength from the character that makes us great and we focus on
the positive within us. Without too much pride and arrogance, 
success is guaranteed.
We can do it.
Support PEBA.
In behalf of the great guys and gals of PEBA, iniimbitahan ko po ang
lahat na sumali. Don’t hesitate. It is for fun and at the same

time, laudable effort na pinapakita natin sa mundo that we have
voices, and we wanted to be heard. We begin by sharing hope to those
around us. With that hope and unity of purpose, we may have a sense of
inspiration to carry on despite of the troubling times we are living
and the uncertainties of the future.

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