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Saturday, April 18, 2009


Prior to the launching of the 2nd Season of the PINOY EXPATS - OFW BLOG AWARDS, we have a badge/banner making contest with the theme;
Who can join?
  • Any Blogger in the world. Only one entry per blogger. A blogger's profile and e-mail should be accessible or visible online.
To join, you should:

  • We are giving these three images as pre-requisite, you can add more images as long as these three images appear in the badge or banner. You can make another PINOY EXPATS BLOG AWARDS LOGO with the same color and font for a more clearer picture with the INCLUSION of OFW to stand as PINOY EXPATS-OFW BLOG AWARDS.

Font and background should be any color that can be found in the Philippine Flag and/or the custom black and white
  • Size of the badge/banner is width = 200 pixels and height = 180 pixels
  • Post an entry along with the image/banner/badge that you've made and explain why the design should be chosen and what's the relevance with the theme.
  • Send us an email at or leave a comment providing the link of your entry  in the post below..
  • Include a link of the PEBA Project patungkol sa pakontest na ito at sa nalalapit na launching ng 2009 Pinoy Expats-OFW Blog Award.
  • Ang cut-off date ng posting ng entry is on Thursday, April 30, 2009. The winner will be announced on the first week of May, 2009. Then, nominees can start displaying the official banner/badge that can be downloaded in this site.
  • Ang mga image entry will be collated and posted sa blog site ng PEBA at kung ifefeature ng mga Chairperson ng Search Committee sa bawat blogs nila.
  • Bibigyan ng premyo ang mananalo, ang premyo ay iuupdate namin sa post na ito at iaannounce sa mga susunod pang post entry.
  • Ang mananalong image ay gagamitin para gawing banner ng mga nominado at mga winners sa 2009 PEBA Award pati na rin pagsama sa mga posters and images na ipopost sa mga blogs at other means of advertisements.
  • Automatic na magiging isa sa mga sponsor ang mananalo, at mabibigyan ng bloglink sa home site ng Search Project.
  • Duly na irerecognize ang badge/banner maker sa awarding ceremony sa December 2009 sa Manila Philippines.
  • Bibigyan ng Badge ang mananalo na ididisplay niya sa kanyang blogsite bilang winner ng PEBA Banner/Badge Maker Award.

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