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Saturday, May 23, 2009


Si Engineer at ang kanyang WEBCAM by Ruphael of Dubai, talks about how heroic the act a fellow OFW, an Engineer has been doing for the betterment of other unfortunate Pinoy's in Dubai. Simple, yet touching that will inspire you to give your best in your own little way.

Bagong Bayaning Hi-Tech by LordCM of Palau is talking about the OFW's and their blogs as a medium to let go of boredom, homesickness and to spare time, but later realize that it build friendships and inspires others.

I, Witness by Chico of Dubai, talks about his life as a CPA and the effect of the current economic crisis to him, and how he was consoled by a fellow OFW, a janitor working in Dubai who gave his time and wisdom about the greater purpose of life.

They are just a few...but digest their thoughts and feelings and you will be encourage to share yours too. They are simple people, who lives simple and seemingly ordinary lives but willingly shared their stories and the stories of Filipinos abroad. 

Hope of the Nation? 
You maybe one of those 12 million strong OFW's, or maybe you are reading this and you are a father, a mother, a brother, a sister, a cousin, a friend of an OFW or Expats. OFW's don't think they are herous of the nation, I, for myself am busy working for my family and their future, but in so doing, I never realize that by giving my family a house to live, food to eat, send them to good schools, that they become the pride of the country I too dearly love. In a ripple of effect, we make or break a nation, collectively speaking.

Gift to the World?
I am working in a drinking water company. There are 6 Filipino's in our company, Carl, secretary to the Manager, Frankie - head of the Maintenance, Ricky - head of the Purchasing, Hector - head of the Production, Vito - head of the Delivery and Storekeeping, and I am heading the Quality Assurance department. Our Plant Manager is a Jordanian, a very good man. 
But can you believe it, a plant run by Filipino's with hundred's of labors from various nationalities? Filipino's excel in every good thing. We worked for money, yes. But in turn we give our very best to the host company and country we live in. No wonder they will keep progressing, while our country is continually sinking. But we will make this opportunity to learn and impart those knowledge we gained to the generations that inspires us - our kids, and their future.

Two of the nominated blogs that havent submitted an entry yet.

I invite all to join in PEBA, to make an entry, to take sometime to ponder what will be your piece, your gift to the world that might inspire those who will read it. We will wait for them. But the clock is ticking. The earlier, the better.

If I were you, I can post it now, then along the way, when inspirations and revelations flow freely you can edit your entry and incorporate it prior to the judging in November. Just don't change the link.
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