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Friday, June 5, 2009

Nominees No. 4 to 6 - Various Expression

The Keynote by RJ of Chookminder's Quill, South Australia is a well researched facts and futuristic imagination of a blogger at what will happen during the awarding night and the transcript of the speech of the keynote speaker that focuses on the OFW's and their contributions to the nation and to the world.

Hand-Carry Hayden Camera When Left NAIA by Rio of Bizjoker, Kandara Afghanistan is stirring reminders to Filipino's especially OFW's that there exist many victims of immoral scandal abroad and a gentle reminder to live an honest and moral life. "The emphasis we have here right now is for us OFWs to focus on success abroad and set aside immoral adventurism that seems to becoming a trend." 

Pag-isipang Mabuti ang mga Desisyon mo sa Buhay by Sardonyx of Hulascoop Misawa, Japan is a touching entry how a mother, a Pinoy Expats transferred from one place to another, quit her job and focus on the noblest calling of all - Motherhood. It is a witty post about what matters most and how a simple housewife can be a hope of a country she left and a gift to the world she live in.

The contest is getting exciting, the entries are all uplifting. This is Filipino talent. This is the Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards. Nominate your entry now!
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