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Friday, July 10, 2009

Trident® Gum and US Based SinuateMedia Might Sponsor PEBA

Last week, Andrew Sinclair of Sinuate Media an online marketing company base in Baltimore, Maryland USA sent me an email about their client, Trident® Gum new release campaign
In this campaign, Trident has released a few interesting video clips that depict situations that make people happy. Even through these tough times, chewing a piece of Trident gum is like experiencing “a little piece of happy”; it will remind you that a little piece of happiness is always waiting, whenever you need it.
Andrew thought that me and you, my dear friends and visitors from around the world would be interested in watching the videos and so he shared them.

Now, Andrew there are hundreds of millions of blog out there, but emailing the Thoughtskoto regarding this gives us a feeling of warmth, "a little piece of happiness" to borrow that Trident phrase I never thought it will eventually leads to something much, much better, and so I am giving you a full plugging here along with the Trident and Sinuate Media, because I am very kind, lols! I mean, because how kind of you to reply back and offer to be one of PEBA's sponsor.
Me and my wife and our one year old tot watched the videos, and we wanted to share 3 videos for you to view them. We all wanted to be happy, if watching a video, several seconds each of them for free could make you laugh, then this will prevent some wrinkles, give a breathing space out of work pressures, or some challenges so insurmountable at the moment.
As Andrew said,
"If your next ten minutes are a little happier, then maybe this will spread to your whole hour. And if your hour is happier, watch out day!"
Our Top 3 favorite Videos
GO Dad!
The 3 videos above are symbolism to us of the joy that comes from an innocence of a child, the love that can be found in a parent-kid relationship, and the wisdom and simple joy we see in our grandparents. In short, it all speaks about one word - FAMILY.
HAPPINESS that can be found in having a loving and strong family. I don't know if Sinuate Media or Trident have seen that, but we do and we like them, and so we share them to you.
But it didn't end there. As a pre-gift prior to the actual PEBA sponsorship package which I hope will materialize, Andrew along with Trident is offering freebies, some gift packages to those who can share the videos or embed in their blogsites.
All you have to do is email us here or Andrew himself for your entry link and home address after you posted the videos that you like, and they will mail or ship you a gift pack! How about that?
Get the videos at the link above.
I suggest, you send them address of your loveones in the Philippines.
PEBA is dedicated in honoring the best and inspiring Filipino blogs around the world, so expect that during the awarding night, we will all be chewing Trident Gum's!
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