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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Come, Celebrate with Us! (Updated)

Yesterday, 18th of August 2009, is another milestone for the Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards. We are officially registered at the Securities and Exchange Commission as a non-stock, non-profit organization honoring the best and inspiring Pinoy Expats and OFW blogs and bloggers around the world!

You can see the details of the registration as well as the BIR TIN at the header banner above and the copy of the SEC registration below.
(not the actual SEC Certificate)

NJ or Jethro, our PEBA President will make an entry about this happiest moment in our history later in his blog as well as here. PEBA, Inc is now a legal entity and will continue its cause for the betterment of Filipino Overseas. We thank you all for your support.
The following are the messages from the PEBA men and women. We would like your messages too at the comment portion below.
We like the photo above. That photo reminds us of the plight of the OFW's and speaks of our desire to raise the banner of hope for Filipino's abroad and back home. I think that is what PEBA stands for. PEBA for us is synonymous to HOPE. OFW is our heroes and heroines. Thus, this year's theme is OFW as heroes, hope and gift not just to Filipinos but to the world.

We maybe far from each other, separated by the many islands, oceans and seas, countries and borders, but there is one thing that binds us all - we are Filipinos, in thought, in word and in deed! Join us as we celebrate this glorious moment as another milestone for PEBA. Read the entries of our nominees and comeback to us and leave your comment coz we are indeed honored, and humbled by the writings and stories of these great and yet simple men and women - the heroes of their loveones and families, the heroes of a country that desperately need real leaders/heroes back at the homefront.
This is beyond what we dreamed of. Nevertheless, we are hoping for the best, exemplified by the best winners of the awards last year, and the inspiring nominees of this year. We are at lost of words today, overwhelmed by the many blessings we receive, many friends we meet, and many people who supported and believe in the greatness of the Filipino's and our cause. We are so grateful to you all, and to our God, and to Him be the honor, and glory.

Congratulations to all and Mabuhay ang mga Pinoy sa Abroad!

- Kenji JB and Shiela Solis "Mr and Mrs. Thoughtskoto"


PEBA being SEC registered is another milestone for very young group. I never imagined PEBA to go this far as having a legal personality of its own. True to substance and form, OFWs who started this effort thru Kenji’s initiative are people who only want the best and good for their family and their country. They are always available and willing to help, enterprising, and pioneering. However, being registered carries with it the responsibilities of sustaining the growth and development of the organization.
Being SEC registered, nominees and awardees can claim that their PEBA is a legitimate award. Not just one of those awards online, but a real one. Now this is a real challenge to all expats and OFWs who are into blog to keep and maintain quality blog content if they want to be recognized by their fellow bloggers.
I envision PEBA to be a real online resource by OFWs for OFWs. Bloggers blogging quality content that is useful and relevant. Entertaining and inspiring others through their stories. Or it could also be motivating and engaging on their learned lessons, failures and challenges in life. Expats and migrants workers being connected and networked can easily share information and provide assistance to those in need. Thus, PEBA will help amplify the words and voices of Pinoy expats and OFWS not only in the blogosphere or the virtual world but also in the real world. So their issues and concerns find meaningful help and answers.
My hope is for PEBA not to stay just as an award giving body but also a stakeholder in making the lives of migrant Filipinos more rewarding. Mabuhay ang PEBA!

- Pete E. Rahon, 2008 PEBA Partner, and Metro Manila Area Coordinator
Congratulations to the incorporation of Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards, Inc.

It is an achievement for officers and organizers of PEBA that it has been able to register itself as a non-stock corporation, since not many organizations have taken that opportunity. This emphasizes PEBA's strength and credibility as an organization and their commitment to serve the Filipino expatriates and OFW community as well as the Filipinos at home.

PEBA's work is admirable because it recognizes the Filipino people's act of owning the media and speaking their views, sharing their thoughts and telling their own stories. It is alternative media in action.
- Atty. Fionah Bojos, Cebu/Visayas Area PEBA Coordinator

I've never expected that we would come this far. At first, its just like were playing, nothing serious, just want to share and help our fellow bloggers, especially OFW Bloggers.
It is truly my honor to be a part of PEBA, all people behind it and to all the people who supports. Ganito pala kasaya ang mag-blog at the same time, mag-share at maki-share sa mga kapwa Filipino mo!
Please don't change the channel, dahil dito sa PEBA, Kapamilya at Kapuso ay IISA... Mabuhay ang mga Filipino, mabuhay ang PEBA!

- Jon Guzman, Webmaster & Vice President of the PEBA 2009

©2009 Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards

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