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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

PEBA -A Channel For Blogging Talents

"PEBA, Inc.'s registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission as a legal organization proves its sincerity and determination to be a channel for the blogging talents and the brilliance of the Filipino expatriates and overseas workers in this phenomenal new media industry."
With the support of many Filipino bloggers at home and abroad, PEBA, Inc. will not just become a prestigious award-giving body that will recognize the exemplary blogging Pinoy expatriates and overseas workers but will soon become a cause-oriented organization achieving the purposes for which PEBA, Inc. is incorporated:

1. To create an association that will recognize and honor the exemplary blogging work of the Filipino expatriates and overseas workers in order to present their blog work and bring their creative talents to light and to highlight their inspiring blogs, their stories, and their work conditions.
2. To create a sustainable program that would uplift the plight of the other blogging and non blogging Filipino expatriates and overseas workers.
3. To provide help to Pinoy expats and OFWs by implementing projects and programs through a network of bloggers* that will coordinate with other OFW Support Groups, other NGOs and government agencies.
4. To establish a platform and create an environment for bloggers to be involved and to take actions on issues and concerns of the millions of OFWs and Expats around the world.
a. To enable the Filipino expatriate and overseas worker blogger to become a powerful medium to express human emotion and nature.
b. To enable the Filipino expatriate and overseas worker blogger to enhance awareness of the relevance of blogging to their social milieu.
c. To promote Filipino cultural values through exemplary blogging worldwide.


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