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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


There is no limit to what we can do, to what we can achieve and accomplish if we have the right intention and the right people to tap to make a difference.

Some of you probably knows it already, aside from the book and ebook that we will be launching, we are gearing to make an online magazine, PEBA ONLINE MAGAZINE which currently in the planning and initiation stage headed by an OFW based in Kuwait, and teamed up with some of the best OFW's graphics and artist.

It is only a dream before, and we are still dreaming now. Some dreams are already realized, some are on the stages of realization and fulfillment, and yet some are still in the process.

We don't dream to be a failure. We want to succeed in every endeavour. We can be the best husband or wife, the best father or mother, the best brother or sister, cousin or Uncle or Aunt. We can be the best employee or officemate, the best friend or the best Filipino wherever we are.

PEBA exist to honor the best and inspiring blogs. PEBA also admire the bloggers behind those blogs that inspires people, and asked people to make a difference, and all in all, ask Filipino's around the world to matter, to touch people's lives for be a true Filipino, sa isip, sa salita, sa gawa.

My almost two years experience in PEBA allow me to meet and converse with people from different countries and territories, literally from all walks of life. I take a few good from them and add them to whatever small good I may have now. Little by little, small and simple goodness will create a tremendous impact in you.

There are many OFW's suffering, I have seen them too, and heard them. There are also very many who have accomplish wonderful and great and remarkable things. I salute you all. I especially salute the men and women of PEBA, and the nominees and previous winners.

There is no moral rules or guidelines to be a PEBA winner, but I am grateful that most of the winners and nominees are men and women of character and values and men and women who are willing to reach out to help and support a cause.
Thank you sa inyong lahat!

©2009 Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards

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