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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Calling, Calling All PEBA Nominees

See the beautiful and very moving PEBA AD produce by Drake of Saudi Arabia.
Compelling, and yes, inspiring!

We invite you too to create yours, we will promise you to feature it during the awarding plus it will be playing continuously in the PEBA TV above.
Hi all,
Greetings from Saudi Arabia! How are you? Fine, thank you! Haha.
There are people in the media, business and NGO's sneaking through our site from time to time. Thank you for visiting. We hope you will support us, and sponsor our event this December. A lot of people and business entities as well as establishments and organizations indicated their desire to sponsor us. Thank you to you. In the next few weeks, we will post the media mileage that you will be getting as well as the benefit of joining us in this one-of-a-kind, historic awarding of the blogging heroes of our time.
You will also be a part of changing the future of two deserving but poor children, sending them to school, symbolic of our two years in PEBA.
A lot of people are asking what's the difference between PEBA and the other awards. Well, first and foremost PEBA is engaging, we are not just giving you awards and that's the end of it. Becoming a PEBA nominee requires an effort, becoming a PEBA winner is also demanding. But you guys and gals, being established people, waving proudly the Philippine flag wherever you are responding wholeheartedly, and without reservation to the challenges.
Thank you all. For me, you are all winners. For me, every PEBA Nominee are heroes in the truest since, not just to your families and relatives, but of your community and our country and the world you are working.
You still have one month to edit your entries and photos and videos. 1st of November, 12MN Philippines time, 7PM KSA, we will not accept entries anymore. We will be copying all your entries in a database ready for judging.
To those planning to join, you still have a month to submit your entry! JOIN NA!
We are calling all nominees to submit the following.
1. Profile Photos (passport size if you have, but anything no problem, we can crop it and resize it later) or if you don't want a solo pic, Photos of you with your family, or parents or siblings. Send it to
2. Video of you or picture with voice narration of your name or blog name or pseudonym, where is your location and where you came from. You can ask somebody to narrate, but to make it more personal, better you do it yourself. We have nothing to hide, right? hehe
Yung mga video na parang prerecorded kung wala ka dun during the awarding at ikaw ang makakatanggap ng award. Hehe.
3. And lastly, submit a name of your representative to join or who will come in the UP Diliman Convention Center that will receive sa stage ng ala-Oscar's Trophy-Plaque award if you land in the Top 10 or you will win a citation.
Download the sponsorship package above and please send it to your connections, and kakilala in the business world or organizations that are supportive of OFW causes like us.
We want the event to be special. It should be big and great. We are honoring the blogging heroes of our time.
©2009 Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards

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