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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

PEBA featured in State of Ecommerce Webinar!

Janet Toral, conducting a one-hour webinar, the State of E-Commerce in the Philippines, 11AM-12AM, Philippine time, featured PEBA in her Webinar.

By the way, Janet is also donating books as freebies during the awarding celebration.

You can actually ask question using chat or microphone! They tried to plug me in but I have a little problem in my microphone so I just type a thank you note!

Whoa! truly elated. Thank you so much!

She said this video will be downloadable later.

There are still more webinars coming, see and register here, this are all free!

1.) 3rd Digital Filipino Web Awards 2009
2 pm to 3 pm Phil time
To register, visit

2.) Briefing on the Philippine Schools Cyberfair 2010 - Believe and Unite!
4 pm to 5 pm Phil time
To register, visit

3.) Make Money from Blogging & Introduction to
7 pm to 8 pm Phil time
To register, visit

Register and join now, it's free!

Did you notice the change in PEBA look? And yes, the Christmas light-like-butterfly, according to Azel, hehe. It is now clean, uncluttered, and well, good for the eyes. Just click the navigational buttons to visit each page. Thanks to Jon d Mango, PEBA VP, for the graphics he provided. And thanks to my company, for the time in the office, lols!

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