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Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Heroes Among Us

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Great and exciting things are happening. In the coming days, more videos will be released, plus we will announce some of our sponsors so far. We thank you for all your support.
We will also announce here the criteria for the special awards and citations.
We thank all the Filipinos anywhere in the world for the oneness we felt in alleviating, and somehow caring for those affected by the typhoon back home. In one way or another, in our simple ways, and in our prayers, we are doing our very best to serve others, and help those in need.
It is therefore fitting to say that today and hope everyday,
OFWs are the modern-day heroes for their families and saviors of their nation,
but back home, in the place where we all come from, heroes are everywhere as well.
There are many heroes among us, donating things, packing foods, rebuilding homes, touching and saving lives, losing even their very own.
But we don't need to lose our life to be a hero. A small act of kindness, or even a little prayer will do, makes us feel good, makes us prouder that we have done good today, not for the world to notice, but for the glory of Him we all look up to.
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