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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Historical OVI Tweets (updated)

PEBA received an email from
Niini Kokkonen of Finland, the creator of the Historical OVI Tweets at OVI Blog.
She said " just wanted to say thank you so much for picking up our Tweets on your blog!! Glad you've enjoyed them! We've actually already received quite a few submissions via our Blog (some of them have directed me to the PEBA site, actually :), and we just love love LOVE all of them!! It just warms my heart that so many people have been inspired by the Historical Ovi Tweets!"
Remember that we asked you guys to come up with your own Historical OVI Tweets?
So we are having coordination at OVI Blog for a "fan art" post of the selected OVI Tweets. For a primer, here are some of the contribution so far.

Thank you guys, and hope more will create their Historical OVI Tweets.
We would like to remind you that nomination will close 7pm of October 31st, 2009. After that, we will copy all your entries, and make it ready for judging. Any alteration or changes and editing done after October 31st will not be valid. So if you plan to do some editing or changes in your entries, you can do so, before the deadline.

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