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Sunday, October 18, 2009

NOKIA: Bridging, Connecting, Touching

Since Nokia became an official co-presentor/partner of PEBA 2009 Awards, I've been intrigued by Nokia OVI. I signed up and register for a free Nokia account right away. It took less than a minute to register. I register for organization, for PEBA, and then downloaded the Nokia Connector.
By the way, the word "ovi" means "door" in Finnish (aptly so, I think, because Nokia OVI opens doors for your Nokia cellphones to become something else other than a simple mobile phone).

Since weekend, I've been browsing OVI Blog which contains salient points about Nokia OVI. It's quite a read, actually and so far, I've already downloaded the Anytime Files program but starting to get to know how it works.

Did you know Ovi Files lets you remotely access your computer-based files from your mobile phone and web browser?
Not just files, but calendar, contacts, store for music, applications and games, mail, and share your photos and videos.

If you're asking how would this be applicable to you, I offer you these scenarios:
You've been up all night last night because you were working on a PowerPoint presentation for your boss but you forgot to upload the file on your USB. No worries! Through Nokia OVI, you can use Anytime Files to remotely send the files to your boss' computer. Oh, sorry, is he far from you? I mean, are you continents apart? Then that's fine too because you can actually send it from almost anywhere in the world.

The coolest thing about Nokia OVI is that you can create an online copy of your important files which you can access from your mobile even if your computer is turned off or there's no connection. All OVI file communications are encrypted so you don't need to worry about security.

In short, your PC actually becomes an extension of your mobile phone via Nokia OVI. Cool, heh?

But that which intrigued me the most are the Nokia historical Ovi tweets which are not only funny but I find it simply awesome.
Take this for example.

To give back to Nokia OVI, I encourage all PEBA nominees (and yes, including all bloggers tuning in to PEBA 2009) to come up with their own Nokia OVI historical tweets, and then send it to us.

We'll choose the best three and will send them over to for their feedback. Whoever gets published will win a surprise gift from PEBA Team.

Oh, by the way, Nokia will also sponsor two other Special Awards during PEBA 2009. The PEBA Team and Nokia are still thinking of two categories to award to...well, just a surprise, maybe. Again, I encourage you to share your feedback.

We may ask all our readers too, especially nominees and OFW bloggers, send us in email, your best photo modelling shot with your Nokia phone and we will come up with a Flash banner, that will be up and running soon. Hope Nokia likes it, the OFW Bloggers OVI, and they will post it in their site. Who knows, some guys will be signing a contract as Nokia model soon. :)

Thank you, Nokia. Thanks guys.

Nokia sponsoring PEBA, as the literal voices of the OFW in the world wide web is significant to us. OFW spends more than anything in units and phones that makes communication between us here abroad, and there at home. Nokia, the leader in mobile phone manufacturing in the world is simply bridging, connecting, touching people, specifically OFW's and their families back home.

- Jebee Kenji Solis
Founding Chairman
Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards, Inc.
©2009 Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards

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