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Monday, October 26, 2009


You're seeing on top of this post, a beautiful PEBA NOKIA OVI Banner ad. So far, these are the nominees who submitted their photos to be used in this ad, and will be feature during the awarding ceremony.
Behind the blogs and the entries, are real Filipino's from all walks of life, (who happen to be handsome and lovely OFW Bloggers) and each own a mobile phone, mostly NOKIA! hehe.
This is ad is definitely worth more than what NOKIA is giving PEBA to finance the expenses of the event. This ad is priceless. It is a compilation of photos of OFW bloggers from several countries, representing the 37 nominees from 21 countries, representing the more than 12 Million men and women, scattered to every corner of the world. We will add more as we receive the photos from other nominees.

We will continue to run this flash ad. You can pause it if you want to take a look at the details of each of the nominees, and you can click each photos and be redirected to their sites/entries.
In the next few days, the nomination will end, and its showtime! Goodluck po sa lahat!
Anyways here are the photos while we are doing the editing of this ad.

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