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Friday, November 13, 2009

My 2008 Top 12 Favorite Nominees

When I first started this project with Pete Rahon and a few others, we selected 25 nominees who qualified as per the requirements from PEBA. Before, it was simple, you're nominated, we asked that you display the banner in your sidebar, then you submit your blog for voting and judging.

It was simple, and yet it was successful. I was thinking to do the same next year. One category for top 10 without entries, and top 10 for those with entries. Those with entries will receive a trophy and certificate, and those who without entry, will just receive an online banner. What do you think?
Reymos, one of the nominee for this year posted his favorite 2009 Top 12. I leave the choice to the nominees if they wish to make an entry about their favorite blog too. Being the founder, I do not want in anyway to influence the judges take who is currently judging the 37 nominees, so instead, I'll post about my Top 12 from last year nominees.
Here's some of my favorite and wished that they all got into Top 10 out of the 25 nominees from 14 countries.

Manilenya, Canada
Writing on Air, Australia
Wits and Nuts, Abu Dhabi,UAE
Desert Prince, Kuwait
Ronel Livelihood
The Sandbox, Saudi Arabia

Not all of my favorite won, but I visited them, not as often as I should have or I should be, but pieces by pieces, I learn from them, and they inspire me. For me, and the many other OFW and Expats blogs out there, including the best and qualified nominees of this year, 37 strong and powerful voices of stories from 21 countries, are all winners, in my heart and in my mind.

The POLL is STILL OPEN. It closes on the 15th of December 2009, 8:00PM Philippine time.
PLEASE JOIN!!! We are extending the submission of Entries till December 15, 2009! JOIN NA!
Submit your photo entries now and get a chance to be recognize and win trophies, and prizes!
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