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Sunday, November 8, 2009

PEBA Nominees at ABS-CBN News!

This is repost, from ABS-CBN News

MANILA – Thirty-seven overseas Filipino bloggers made it to the finals of the 2nd International Pinoy/Expats/OFW Blog Awards (PEBA).

Out of 73 entries, PEBA said 37 Pinoy bloggers from 21 countries are on its final list of nominees in the upcoming “2nd Annual International PEBA Awards Night”.

With this year’s theme, “Filipinos Abroad, Hope of the Nation, Gift to the World”, the awards night will be held on the night of 26th of December 2009 at the Ang Bahay ng Alumni Convention Hall, University of the Philippines, Quezon City.
The finalists are:
Perfect Square of Dubai, UAE;
Dungeon Lord, Koror, Palau;
The Desert Dude, Dubai, UAE;
Chook-Minder's Quill, Port Wakefield, Australia;
The Bizjoker, Kandahar, Afghanistan;
Hulascoop, atbp., Misawa, Japan;
A Piece of Cake, Yishun, Singapore;
Wits Expression, Dubai, UAE;
Utak Ni Drake, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia;
Klasrum Ni Pajay, Damman, Saudi Arabia;
Gumamela sa Paraiso, Taipei, Taiwan;
Francesca in France, Nice, France;
Life Moto, Alkhobar, Saudi Arabia;
Minddeth, Buket Panjang, Singapore;
My Life's Journey, Fabriano, Italy;
Anino at Liwanag, Dubai, UAE;
Angel na Walang Langit, Madrid, Spain;
Poging (Ilo)cano, Abu Dhabi, UAE;
My Orange Vest, California, USA;
Ba Be Bi Bebing, of Georgia, USA;
Palipasan, Doha, Qatar;
Isla De Nebz, Alkhobar, Saudi Arabia;
Lyzius, Woodlands, Singapore;
Ang Baul Ni Noel, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia;
My World is Getting Smaller, Northern Ireland, UK;
Style Shanghai, Shanghai, China;
Pinoy Bro, Tahiti, French Polynesia;
Pink Tarha Girls, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia;
As Is, Hong Kong, China;
Wits and Spirits, Bangkok, Thailand;
Kablogie, Doha, Qatar;
Travel & Explore, Bavaria, Germany;
Boni Station, Damman, Saudi Arabia;
Topexpress, Nova Scotia, Canada;
'Flamindevil', Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia;
Classic Musings & Eccentricity, Dubai, UAE;
Carlo Butalid's Blog, of Tilburg, The Netherlands.
According to PEBA, the blog award aims to recognize and honor exemplary work of Filipino bloggers abroad.
“The primary advocacy of the organization is to present the blogs of our modern-day heroes and bring their creative talents to light, helping other Filipinos to understand and appreciate their plight, sufferings, thoughts, ideologies and stories that made the ‘Filipino worth dying for’,” PEBA said in a press statement.
PEBA said it advocates the welfare of migrant workers through blogging, strengthening the freedom of speech and the right to information.
“OFWs are uniting to educate and inform the Filipino people while protecting their rights and safeguarding democracy of our nation,” it added.
The event would also coincide with PEBA’s International Pinoy Expats/OFW Photo Exhibit, which aims to foster further awareness of the heroism of OFWs.

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