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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Contemplating on PEBA 2010 Theme

I met NJ of the DesertAquaforce last Thursday, this humble and very kind person I always admire and respect. He looks so healthy, vibrant and with a beaming face, he told me how he faithfully do his exercise daily. His doctor in one of the best medical hospital in the world, the International Medical Center was surprised. As we engaged in a quick chit-chat in the parking area, he said that atleast we are near to each other now, and so communication and decisions will be faster for PEBA. That leads me to think of a movie,
LOTR, The Two Towers. lols!

(that's NJ, pulling some boxes of shrimps for me, the famous and largest prawn company in the Middle East, grown in the Red Sea. I was actually taking picture of his awesome SUV! Where can I find a Toyota RAV4 black color here? hehe)

They have no plans in replacing the founding Chairman, so I told NJ that the president of PEBA is on a 5-years term with extension, so please, bear with us. lols again.

With Pete in Korea, and Nj and I are here in Saudi, Jigs and Noemi are the two left in Manila as representative of PEBA. But that is the wonder of this organization. Decisions and conferences are being held virtually - online, and yet it can make great and big things happen. That's PEBA. We did that two years before. We learn from it, and we are hoping that this will be the best compared to the previous PEBA events.

I am currently sitting in a veranda of an 8th floor in a condo unit at the heart of the historic city of Jeddah, I can see on a glass window the thousands of lighted homes, and its 9:30 in the evening. Nope that's not the building. The building behind this huge landmark of Jeddah. Thanks to Camera ni Cabrera for the photo, ninakaw ko lang, hehehe. Salamat Pepe!
We will have a meeting with Nj and the rest of the Jeddah bloggers this Thursday. Hope we can come up with something. I am sure it is one of the photo to be posted na naman sa KABLOGS and KABLOGS station!~ hehe. Sabi ni NJ, with Prawn in a box pa na freebies.

What's more exciting for this year for PEBA is that,

we will have a lot of preparation
have more sponsors
more freebies

there will be entries for top 10 blog entries for local bloggers or mga bloggers na nasa Pinas but with affinities or relatives na OFW's. They're the ones sympathetic to OFW causes. I am sure magshoot up na naman ang membership ng KABLOGS. hehe. Pre-requirement kasi na makasali is maging member ka ng KABLOGS or ma-iadd sa rooster ang blog URL mo. Then you can post an entry according or na may relation sa theme, display the nominee banner and wait for the awarding. You can come sa awarding and you'll be sure to bring home something, a dinner, a t-shirts and a lot of freebies. ehhehe.

Exciting! Ako din! Hope susuportahan ulit ng mga kaibigan namin by reposting sa mga blog nila ng opening ng PEBA 2010.

so... abangan!!!


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