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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Global Bloggers and PEBA's 3rd Season's Opening

This post will be updated for the next two days as we are collectively linking the sites of those bloggers, at home or abroad who generously blog about PEBA, it's opening, and this year's theme.

old map

Someone somewhere in France and Europe,

If you want to support the team, grab also their logo and put in your blog.
This is the only advert I allow in my blog, because this is for the cause of the Filipino bloggers.
Kaya, sali na! Ako, kasali.
Visit the site here!
PEBA Announcements .
Mabuhay ang PEBA Team, Three years na and growing!" -
Francesca in France

"I received an blog about this year’s PEBA theme. I don’t normally write about themed topics because I am not comfortable being constrained and restricted to the topic. The theme ‘Strengthening the OFW Families: Stronger Homes for a Stronger Nation’ however, is very ironic that I think it merit my two cents of ‘binag-binag’" -Ilonggo sa Disyerto

in Kuwait, here,

"And so PEBA encourages you to take part in this PEBA 3 nomination stage. Please feel free to visit PEBA's site for more details on how you can join the contest.
Let your voices be heard, kabayan! Somewhere, someone may have the soundest solution to our problems. All together, let's join hands in strengthening the smallest unit of our society: the family. In it, I personally believe, lies the solution to all our woes." -Isla De Nebz

in the island of Palau from the Dungeon of LordCM

"PEBA 2010 opens its doors to Global Filipino Bloggers with this season's theme“Strengthening the OFW Families: Stronger Homes for a Stronger Nation” in its far-reaching efforts in tackling the issues that has been haunting our Filipino people on the myriad challenges and sacrifices that each OFW faces abroad - the monetary gains that it brings to the family and to the country, and the social cost on the family that they left behind. Through this event, as untold stories of the participating Global Filipino bloggers unfolds through our eyes, may the messages it conveys reaches the heart of our new Government that they may act swiftly and with compassion in bringing real change in the lives of our OFWs towards a stronger families for a stronger nation."

As the curtain rises on PEBA for its 3rd annual award - with PEBA 2010 theme on Strengthening OFW Families: Stronger Homes for Stronger Nation, the celebration gives us a welcome opportunity to look into our existence as OFW and Migrant Workers wherever we are right now and from our departure from the point of our origin, the place we always called home - the people whom we have left behind - whom we called our very own FAMILY. - The Pope of Palipasan

"This year's PEBA theme is definitely something that will have a great impact not just to OFWs but also to the family they have left behind. And the fact that it was opened not just to the OFW Bloggers but also to Philippine based bloggers, made the theme more timely and more appropriate to our country's growing number of broken families. With high hopes and the support and efforts of other Filipino bloggers around the world, let the awareness begin." - Baul ni Noel

From the lovely lady in a towering office building in Singapore

"Seriously, isa sa pinakamalaking sakripisyo na binubuno ng mga OFW para sakin ay hindi ang haba o bigat ng trabaho dahil sanay tayo dun, mas malaking challenge ang mamuhay ng malayo sa pamilya. Doon sinusukat ang tatag ng loob ng mga kababayan nating nagingibang bayan." - MindDeth

"hindi lang dahil sa mga nababasa, naririnig, o napapanood ko tungkol sa kanila at hindi lang dahil OFW din ang mama ko, kundi dahil sa isang taong paninirahan ko rito, nakita ng aking dalawang mata kung paano ang buhay ng mga OFW o ang buhay ng mga Pilipino dito sa ibang bansa. naramdaman ko na kung gaano kahirap ang malayo sa bansang kinagisnan at sa mga mahal sa buhay na nasa kabilang panig ng mundo." - Batang Gala

bloggers around the world are discussing and echoing the message of PEBA and its theme for this year's contest.

It is a contest for both OFW and Philippine based bloggers.

Back home, Damuhan announce first in his blog his support for PEBA. Damuhan, for 3 years is almost of partner of PEBA. Thank you Arvin Bautista!

And second in a row, is another Baustista, a blogger friend and long time volunteer of PEBA, Yanah of Life's aTwitch.

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