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Saturday, July 31, 2010

PEBA 2009 Voices

The winners of PEBA 2009, "Filipinos Abroad - Hope of the Nation, Gift to the World," recall their triumph and offer their messages of thanks and support to the PEBA blogging nation.
When I wrote my article for PEBA 2009, winning was the last thing on my mind. All I really wanted was to share my thoughts on the theme. More than the award, the best that I got out of PEBA 2009 is being able to interact and work with some of the finest OFW bloggers. You can, too! Join PEBA 2010! Oh, yes. I have three winning tips for you: Write from your heart. Make them cry. And finally, kiss it if you can (I mean, keep it short and succulent, or suave and saucy, or simple and sweet). Good luck! - Isladenebz, 1st placer

There was a primary reason why we first blogged - to break the confines of our boring existence in the desert of Saudi Arabia. To merely say that wala kaming magawa was very apt. But that was before PEBA 2009. The Pinoy OFWs/Expats Blog Awards widened our reach to other people and now, the Pink Tarha has been given a direction. It's not just a diary of kikay whims anymore but a lifestyle guide. Something that helps and inspires others. For this, we are thankful for the PEBA community. To all blogging Filipinos abroad, share your passion by joining the PEBA 2010. It's one experience that will change you. To PEBA 2010, cheers! - The Pink Tarha ladies, 2nd placer
Blogging was all about sharing my thoughts and feelings at first but through PEBA, it became more than mere sharing of thoughts and feelings and having fun. Blogging has become a part of my personal and professional life and learning how people have been encouraged and inspired by my stories, I became more inspired to write and share my experiences until I had my own share of letting people know my advocacies. PEBA has actually helped open my eyes to the realities of blogging and the impact that blogs could bring. It has been a great experience. When my blog was called for the award as top 3 blog, I was so relieved and amazed! From that, I learned that it's not really all about doing something for a competition but it's all about doing things with passion and dedication. When I started my blog, I did not think of joining any competition. All I wanted to do was to share my passion and yes, I got more than I wanted. Being one of the nominees for PEBA 2010 is already an achievement in the sense that you already have contributed to an endeavor for Overseas Filipino Workers and their families. Supporting an advocacy which you believe in is the real achievement. Success in this case is not all about winning but it's all about becoming a part of one great endeavor. ~Phil Saraspe of Wits and Spirits, 3rd placer

I was a bit apprehensive when Mr. Kenji Solis, founder of PEBA, asked me to join the PEBA because I didn't know anything about blog contests and I saw that the nominees of PEBA 2009 were the best OFW bloggers. When I won, I was unexpectedly happy. Grabeh, I was glad my blog was appreciated. To all PEBA 2010 aspirants and nominees, give your stories a bit of twist; though seemingly hallowed from the old crypt of OFW tales. There should be some redeeming values in the end of the story and keep a balance of sad-happy, agony-ecstacy, and sacrifice-sucess. This will be a sure win in the PEBA. ~ Amalia Menta of Francesca in France, 4th placer
I really appreciate all the people behind the efforts in making PEBA successful each year. I've met people who, do not only eloquently share their life experiences with others, but find ways to make a difference across the globe and being a part of the organization is really an honor. When I became one of the top ten winners in the PEBA 2009, I was happy, surprised... mixed emotions. It was unexpected because I admit that the competition was really tight and all entries were deserving of the title or to be in the top 10. And also because I didn't put much effort in promoting my entry and I only have a few readers (who are also readers of other bloggers who joined the contest), I never expect much. To all the nominees of this year's PEBA, I wish you all the best. It doesn't matter whether you win the title or not, what matters is that you're writing from the heart and you give your best to contribute to achieve your goal to be heard not only by one or two people, but Filipinos around the world. And to PEBA, cheers to another year of selfless commitment to promote, uplift and unite OFW bloggers across the globe! ~ Enjoy of A Piece of Keyk, 5th placer

PEBA 2009 was an overwhelming experience, it's the joy of writing beyond blogging, sharing a part of my life through blog inspiring fellow OFWs, an OFW community and the world. To be part of the Top 10 Bloggers of PEBA is a magnanimous feeling as I share my award with my family, friends and fellow OFWs who has become part of my life and of my blog. To all PEBA 2010 aspirants and nominees, PEBA's 2010 event is more than just a contest and it's not just about winning - PEBA's cause is larger than life, an invitation for Pinoy bloggers to be part of the hub of a social media reaching out to the masses, as your life story could touch lives and bring change to an OFW family, to a "Diasporic Pinoy community" and perhaps to the world. - The Pope of Palipasan, 6th placer

To be part of PEBA 2009 is really a rewarding experience and what makes it extraordinary for me is to be a part of the top 10 winners. The award PEBA gave me somehow boosted Bonistation in the blogosphere. And I owe this to everyone who appreciated my blog particularly my winning entry, “SALUDO AKO SAYO”. Of course this honors my DAD, a tribute for his name, for my name. And for PEBA 2010 nominees, consider that you are all winners. Rock the world with your stories, stories that will capture the heart of everyone in the Blogosphere and in the whole world as well. Good luck to all nominees! More power to PEBA! ~ Bon Talampas of Boni Station, 8th placer

©2010 Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards

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