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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


It has been over a week after PEBA made its historic launching of PEBA 2010 Season as it open its doors to the Global Filipino bloggers across the world and for the first time, it opened its invitation to OFW Supporters" - as we recognize the growing blogging talents of the OFW Supporters in the Philippines.

And now, we are thrilled to announce PEBA 2010's very first Official Nominees:

B'LOG ang Mundo,
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
OFW Blogger - Nominee Number 1

Despite the sweltering temperature of Saudi Arabia, B'LOG Ang Mundo's entry penned by NoBenta entitled "Tahanan ng mga OFWs" breezes his way into PEBA - making his mark as Nominee No. 1.

Torn between the financial gain and social cost of migration on the OFW families, the story provides a transition of events on the author's life experiences, from his adolescent ideas dispelling the thought of migration to his rational decision of accepting the challenge of crossing borders proving to its reader that if we put God in the center of our family life, with faith and love, the OFW families can withstand the test of time. >>>Click here to follow his entry.

A Dreamer's Avenue
Manila, Philippines
OFW Supporter - Nominee Number 1

From the City of Manila, A Dreamer's Avenue's blog made its historic entry as Nominee No. 1 from the ranks of "OFW Supporters" as she presents her official entry entitled "My Piece and Salutation". Written by "Pamela" , she narrates the problems of migration on family structure where the physical separation of the OFWs has caused psychological difficulties among members of the families that were left behind especially the children of migrants workers.

And with respect and admiration, she pays tribute to the heroic achievements of the Global Filipino people reflecting on her words… "I salute you for your courage. I salute you for dreaming big not just for yourselves but most importantly, for your families".... and "I salute you for being brave enough in facing the challenges of being away from home." >>>Click here to follow her entry.

Pinaywriter's Oral Diarrhea
Makati, Philippines
OFW Supporter - Nominee Number 2

OFW Supporter - Nominee No. 2 is a Makati girl who grew up in Batangas and have witnessed the brunt of migration "for the sake of the family" is seen a double-edge sword to improve the life of the family members, where either the mother or father or sometimes both parents needs to leave the children in the care of next kin where an enormous responsibility lies on the shoulder of a surrogate mother.
Pinaywriter's Oral Diarrhea's blog entry entitled "My Mom's Quasi-orphanage by
Niña Simon" written by Simone narrates the unparalled love and devotion of her mother in fostering the children of her family relatives as they follow the road that leads to be foreign lands where they are called Modern Day Heroes. She leaves a 5-point "aide-mémoire" to OFW parents in maintaning a healthy relationship with their children. >>>Click here to follow her entry.

Their grand entries as first 3 nominees in PEBA 2010 brings a challenging moment to our upcoming Nominees.

While anticipating on the influx of Nominees worldwide in the next coming days, we invite you to read, digest and leave comments to our nominees and participate in our Polling Vote in support for your favorite writers.

And to our blogging friends – experience the joy of writing beyond blogging...



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