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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Overseas Filipino blog awards now open for nominations - US Asian Correspondent

Below is a repost from the US Asian Correspondent dated

Jul. 17 2010 - 12:24 pm


The Pinoy Expat/OFW Blog Awards (PEBA) is now open for nominations for its third edition this year.

This year's PEBA invites Filipino bloggers based abroad and even in the Philippines to share their thoughts on the theme "Strengthening the OFW Families: Stronger Homes for a Stronger Nation". As such, there will be two major categories: Top 10 OFW Bloggers and the Top 10 OFW Supporter Bloggers.

The theme recognizes the sacrifices and difficulties of Filipino families whose members are compelled to live and work abroad, a concern that is usually overlooked in the cold, calculation of dollars and cents sent home by overseas Filipino workers (OFW). Indeed, the billions of dollars in OFW remittances may save the country's economy from total ruin, but the effects on society's basic unit, the family, are not at all factored in.

According to the organizers:

PEBA calls on the bloggers to write and post about topics on strengthening the OFW families, and their being miles away from each other. Topics may include family communication, family gatherings, parent-child coaching and counseling, assistance and support in children’s homework and projects, conference meetings with family members, online contact with families, pointers on cheap communication, etc. PEBA calls on the bloggers to write about what they are doing to strengthen their families despite the distance and their absence from home. PEBA calls on the bloggers to share insights, ideas, pointers and how to express love for their spouses and children.

To qualify as nominee, the blog should be in existence for at least six months, should be maintained and managed by overseas-based Filipinos (for the Top 10 OFW Bloggers) or by those living in the home front (for the Top 10 OFW Supporter Blogs). Bloggers who wish to join the latter category should have relatives living or working abroad.

Entries are to be judged based on the following criteria: form (20 percent), substance (50 percent), and originality (30 percent).

If you are an OFW with a great story to tell about your overseas work positively (or even negatively) affected your family, or you believe you could articulate the family concerns of OFWs, check out the guidelines and rules and consider joining this worthwhile endeavor.

Finalists will be announced on or before Nov. 1, 2010

Photos are used by PEBA with permission from the owner.

©2010 Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards

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