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Saturday, October 23, 2010

50 Dollars

I was once in an internet shop in Phnom Penh where people go to make cheap internet generated call. While I was busy on my own corner, a Mr X came in and I heard him asked the internet staff that he’s gonna make a call. After a few second I heard him saying “o ano anak musta ka na?” A few more lines followed then I heard him saying “ha? Ano? Yung bago mong tatay diyan nakatira? Ha? Kasama yung anak?.....”. Anak, pasensiya na wala pang trabaho ang tatay mo, i-pag-pray mo na makatrabaho ako agad. Mamaya, iwi-western union ko yung natitirang 50 dollars pagastos niyo muna diyan.” 

I wanted to shrink at where I am sitting, I was feeling very uncomfortable yet full of pity for this man whose life I came to know about in 1 minute and who I know is going through tough times trying to make a living in a foreign country.

Then I came to think, how many more Mr X’s with unknown names and tough stories to tell have to be away from their love ones back home if only to find a decent work that would provide food on table for their family back home. How many lonely souls out there have to fight their homesickness and loneliness in the hope of making life easier for their love ones at home? How many suffering souls out there have to be awake at past midnight if only to avail of cheap calls and hear the voices of their love ones back home? How many are out there in a faraway land of kingdom tralala working as servants for the kings and queens if only for kids to be able to go to school. How many poor souls are out there caring for somebody elses babies while their baby back home are missing their tender loving touch.

Cheers! To all OFWs who live by the word sacrifice
Kampai! To all OFWs who are no strangesrs to homesickness and pillows getting wet

God bless! To all OFWs who have to see their kids grow up in pictures

Mabuhay to all OFWs ! Ta matago-tago kayo!

***written by Pinikpikan King, who's presently working in Nairobi, Kenya.***

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