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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Kahit Anong Selpon, Basta NOKIA

Did anyone in your family asked you to buy them a mobile phone?

"Daddy, can you buy me a Nokia phone?" Does this words sound familiar? Does your spouse or kids asked you to buy them a Nokia mobile phone abroad?

Even my "kasambahay" (household help) in Antipolo has asked me if I can buy her a new Nokia phone, as she talked to me over the phone, Inday said :

"Kuya, pakibilhan nyo naman po ako ng bagong selpon, kahit anong selpon  basta Nokia at may MP3" (Brother, please purchase for me a new cellphone, any brand but it must be Nokia and with MP3)

Have you ever wondered why Nokia is so popular to Pinoys like the "adobo" and Sarao jeepneys? 

Basically it's affordable, people from all walks of life from working professionals to students, enterpreneurs and even the "tambays" are having a Nokia brand mobile unit at hand.

Second, Pinoy's love to accessorize their mobiles, just like how the we take pride of Sarao jeepneys unique paint and body decorations, we love to re-decorate mobile phones internally and externally. Remember the years when people go crazy on backlights, fancy housings and casings, dangling pendants.

And last is it's high "re-sale value". Pinoys are going ga-ga everytime new Nokia models hits the market, and Nokia is like a precious gem that it's value never loses its luster in the market, that it can be traded off, re-sold and even pawned to popular pawnshops when financial crisis strikes.

And I can remember that it was "love at first sight" for Filipinos on Nokia 3210 when it was introduced in early 90's. and at the same year, Global Filipinos  have conquered every islands and countries of each continents around the world in their hope of fulfilling their dreams.

During this advent, Nokia has provided an effective tool in shortening the distance through cheap SMS messages and affordable voice conversations as we say in PEBA - "Nokia Connecting OFW Families" which has literally drawn people closer to their love ones not only through  SMS  messages facility transmitted and received in real time but hearing the cracking gigles and laughter of your child, the warmth and gentle voice of your spouse and the caring tone of your parents and siblings so close enough that you wish to could embrace them, even the muffled sobs as you gently say "Huwag kang mag-alala, okay lang ako" (Don't worry, I'm okay)

As Nokia finds its popularity in the hearts of every Filipinos just like the "adobo" and Sarao jeepneys, we at PEBA, Inc. are grateful that Nokia believes in our advocacies as Nokia Phis. have agreed to be a major sponsor and partner for our 3rd Annual International PEBA Awards

Living on its principles "Nokia Connecting People", for PEBA we say "Nokia Connecting OFW Families", that's why Global Filipinos around the world trust NOKIA - Ang selpon na maasahan (the cellphone that you can trust).

Nokia has now reached its status in the Philippines as "Pambansang Selpon"  (National Cellphone). It has become an icon in every Pinoy, 

As Inday once said "Kahit anong selpon basta Nokia..."

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