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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Nokia, Connecting (OFW) Families

At the age of six, Karla, still in her kindergarten uniform, gets her neon-colored 3220 Nokia and presses some keys. It's ten in the morning and she's in the school cafeteria for a break. 

A few seconds after that distinctive tut-tut sounded, Mang Ador based in Saudi Arabia, hears the alarm, grabs his Xpressmusic, presses a key and bursts into a grin. It's too early to wake up, but he's too happy to go back to bed.

The mobile screen reads: 'Take care, Papa'.

That, I believe, is a typical day for most OFWs. Still in bed, they grab their cellphones and check for messages from home.

Texting capital indeed!

Texting nation

Ask any OFW in the world and they will admit that texting has been a part of their OFW days. It's the quickest means to relay a message; also the fastest in getting back a response. In fact, it's the second most important means in connecting with our loved ones (the first is through phone call, of course). 

Plus it's the most practical means, too, considering that there are phone companies in the Philippine offering sims with roaming capabilities. Smart Philippines, for example. I've been using Smart since five years ago. Another office mate is using Globe Roaming service.

When my family texts me from the Philippines to my Smart roaming card, it costs them only PHP1. For a 160-character message, that's cheap.

Why Nokia?

Almost six out of 10 Pinoys are using Nokia and it's being user-friendly is the reason why. I've owned four or five Nokia models before and, noticeably, their menus are almost the same hence there isn't much difficulty in getting used to its interface.

I'm familiar with it as most OFWs are, I believe. Other brands are fine (and some are even fancier), but if I were to weight asthetic and function, I believe Nokia is in the forefront. 
The tag line thus: Nokia...connecting OFW families.

Says Nokia: "Connecting people has always been at the heart of the Nokia brand. Connecting people means giving everyone the power to choose when and how to stay in touch with the things that matter most in their lives, so that they can make the most out of every moment." 

- 2009 Nokia Best Blog Entry Winner, Isla de Nebz




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