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Tuesday, October 5, 2010


PEBA continues to bring together the best Filipino blogging heroes around the world as 30 blog entries has been validated as initial nominees for its 3rd Annual International PEBA Blog Awards. From the Philippines, 8 nominees for OFW Supporters group have courageously faced the PEBA challenge in writing inspirational articles based on this year's theme - "Strengthening the OFW Families : Stronger Homes for A Stronger Nation." Competing for the National Region Blog Awards, 5 nominees are from Metro Manila, 2 from Luzon and a lone nominee from Mindanao. PEBA's pre-selection committee is anticipating at least 2 nominees from Visayan region soon.

Photo by Dhave and his kids based in the USA. Used with permission

At the international scene, a total 22 OFW Bloggers from 13 countries around the world have shared their life stories through blog - stories of pains and sacrifices, faith and familial love as they continue to provide inspirations to our Modern Day Heroes and their OFW families back home.

For the international regional blog awards categories, 4 Nominees are from USA & Canada Region, 12 nominees from Middle East and Africa Region and 6 nominees from Asia & Pacific Region. We are awaiting some blog entries from nominees from European Region soon.

Aside from the Regional Blog Awards, the Ten Outstanding Blog Entries will be selected separately from both OFW Supporters and OFW Bloggers groups will be the highlight of PEBA Awards gala night which will be held at Teatrino Promenade, Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila, on December 16, 2010 where blogging celebrities, prominent writers and media personalities will grace the event.

The search for the PEBA 2010's Blogging heroes continues and we are optimistic that new bloggers will fearlessly comes forward with their blog entries before the nomination door officially close at midnight of October 31, 2010.

Leading PEBA 2010 to its grandest event ever showcasing the blogging talents of both OFWs and Philippine-based bloggers is being made possible through our sponsors and partners - Nokia, Philipines, Geiser Maclang, Celestial Media, Adrian Creative Max, Subic Bay FM 89.5 and NAIA Press Corps..........................

In our commitment to bring more fun and surprises for this year's event, we will start giving away freebies, gifts packs, gadgets, Nokia phones and other surprise gifts BEGINNING TODAY to our readers and commentors on some articles that will be published on PEBA site.

At PEBAlandia, let the fun begin!

Artist rendition of PEBA T-shirt. You can have one of these in the awarding ceremony if you will be one of the first 10 commenter of this post. Actual PEBA shirt may vary. PEBA officers are not allowed to join, we will give you separate NOKIA mobile phone, freebies and t-shirts for free! Haha!


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