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Monday, November 8, 2010

Art of Cabinets supports PEBA

In 2002, a man who’s an OFW in Saudi Arabia came home in the Philippines with a broken arm due to an accident at work. The employer who was dismayed, immediately terminated this OFW and was sent back to Manila after the accident. No money, not a single centavo or “halala” was given to this injured OFW for his hospitalization even his last salary that he supposed to get was never been given by his employer.  This was the true story of an OFW who experienced hardships and bad luck abroad. But the faithful Mr. Art of Cabinets didn’t stop nor lose his hope.  Because of that sad experience abroad, he decided to stay in the Philippines for good and established his own Art of Cabinets.

Art of Cabinets Enterprise is one of the cost efficient, high quality and creative kitchen cabinet makers and installers today. It specializes in design, fabrication and installation of quality Formica laminated modular KITCHEN or OFFICE CABINETS, WARDROBE CLOSETS, BED FRAMES, BAR COUNTER, FOOD CART, LCD/LED FRAMES and other Laminated Furniture. Plus, Art of Cabinets also do interior Drop Ceiling make-overs.

Art of Cabinets is your way to an elegant yet affordable Contemporary Dream Kitchen!

The owners of Art of Cabinets who were former OFWs in Saudi Arabia understand the life experiences of many OFWs abroad thus full support is being given to PEBA organization all the way! Special support from Art of Cabinets will also be extended for in the future. 

Condo Kitchen Make-over

Art of Cabinets, builders of quality formica-laminated type of interior modular cabinetry supports PEBA in its great cause. Donations of workstations, shelves and cabinets were already been sent to PEBA's office in Manila to show support for this wonderful organization that also supports poor yet deserving students through Believe International. 

PEBA, Manila Office 
sponsored by Art of Cabinets

For more information:
or contact: 
+639219927027 or +639284308205 
 look for Jan or Jen
Please don’t forget to let them know that you’ve known Art of Cabinets thru PEBA to avail of the special discount!

     PEBA, Manila Office 
sponsored by Art of Cabinets

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