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Monday, November 1, 2010

Nokia - Connecting Families, Wherever, Whenever.

Connecting Families….

In days past, it was easy to get the family together at one time to eat, play and strengthen each other under one roof. Nowadays, communication in a family begs for internet connection, long distance phone calls even text messaging in these days of super-activated lifestyle.

Dolores Curran, an author and parenting columnist set out to discover the key factors in effective families, the very top rated skill named in hundreds of surveys returned was Communication and Listening.

Ever wondered how to maintain communication with your families and lessen if not avoid the snags in the family relationships and build stronger homes?

Nokia’s slogan “Connecting People” gives us hope and light in bridging the gap of distance between people. No matter where you are, you can communicate and listen to your loved ones. You can tell how you feel, share stories that matters most to you and to your family thus, building stronger relationships with your loved ones, building stronger homes and nation.

Connecting people has always been at the heart of the Nokia brand, not just ordinary people but it connects families across barriers and over distances. Communication devices and services like what Nokia offer are already integral and indispensable part of our lives nowadays. Nokia truly connects families and give each family the power to choose when and how to stay in touch with the things that matter most in their lives and with the people who matter most to them, so that they can make the most out of every moment. Every family is connected made possible by Nokia bringing a family-oriented slogan “Connecting Families”…

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