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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Flight of the Butterfly {PEBA 2011}

Japan sees the butterfly as a personification of a person's soul. Butterflies flying together is a symbol of love in China. The Philippines sees the butterfly as the symbol of a soul visiting or rebirth or good luck. In Greek mythology, a butterfly is related to fire. You know what the Pink Tarha associate butterflies with? The Overseas Filipino Workers. Us.

And why not? The three main characteristics of the butterfly also apply to the OFWs and Filipino expats all over the world. First...polymorphism, the occurrence of more than one form. From an egg to a larvae to a pupa to an imago, butterflies undergo differences in appearance and state. They change their looks, too, according to their location and the seasons. Filipinos, in a way, are like that. We change ourselves according to where we are to adapt and adjust, but we're still Filipinos. Just like the Filipinas in Riyadh wearing the abaya and thetarha. We wear them outside because we're in Saudi Arabia but inside, we're still Filipinos. Second, mimicry. The butterfly imitate other species to enjoy the protection of an attribute they do not share with others. We global Filipinos do not necessarily imitate other nationalities but we abide and respect their culture, tradition, and laws because we're in their country. And lastly, migration. We, like the butterflies, are capable of long distance flights to thrive and settle in other places. Do we need to elaborate this more?

So, it's not surprising to see the butterfly as the symbol of the Pinoy Expats/OFWs Blog Awards. PEBA has used a butterfly, in the colors of the Philippine flag, logo ever since and the Pink Tarha hasn't really put a thought into why. So we hope we're correct in our interpretation (or maybe close to it?). Choosing the butterfly is a brilliant idea, don't you think? The butterflies are really dainty, fragile creatures but they possess the most amazing attributes. They're stronger than what you think. Like all the Filipinos worldwide.

 The fourth season of PEBA.

The Pink Tarha is in full support of this year's PEBA with the theme,"Ako'y Magbabalik, Hatid Ko'y Pagbabago" (I Will Return, I Will Bring Change). This is not only a motto but a challenge to all global Pinoys to return to the Philippines and bring CHANGE. True, we already help with our remittances but this year, PEBA urges us to go beyond that. We, armed with our skills, talents, and knowledge, and the experiences from the countries we've been to, are being challenged to act and contribute in the different aspects of the Philippine society.

Wear this badge in your blog's sidebar. 
Heroes' Homecoming Towards Change. Despite the varied reasons why Filipinos go abroad, nationalism is still evident on the narratives of the 12 million Filipinos scattered all over the world. PEBA has witnessed how OFWs take pride of our Filipino roots, our culture and our race. Filipinos abroad, after they have followed their dreams, have chosen to return, evident on how we are called... "Balikbayan." They return to share their talents, skills and fortunes in an effort to bring change to the families left behind, communities and country. Thus, PEBA 2011 is dedicated to our "balikbayans", the unsung heroes of our time. Their homecoming brings a spark of change to the lives of their loved ones and their homeland.

We call on our Filipino expatriates around the world to continue their roles as Global Ambassadors of our country in foreign lands by promoting and patronizing our locally-made products, making the Philippines the first stop destination for holidays and investing in the home country. We ask them to teach their children and their foreign spouses on the positive Filipino values and the Filipino language. Let’s be proud of our race, for nationalism knows no time and bounderies. [more]
The Pink Tarha believes that the OFWs are heroes but more than being modern heroes, we can become mavens --- trusted experts in various fields who seek to pass knowledge and skills on to others! Imagine the possibilities! But then first, we need to come home. To return not simply for a pleasurable vacation but to return with a more nationalistic, community-centric purpose and approach. We implore you to become mavens in your own right. Start by joining the PEBA 2011!  

We urge you to follow the flight of the butterfly... start slowly, then spread your wings, and see the world. No matter how small or frail you are, have the courage to go the distance!
Butterfly photos from The Gilded Bee.

This entry is written by the Pink Tarha ladies and first posted in the Pink Tarha blog.

©2011 Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards

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