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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Happy Independence Day Philippines!

CLICK TO ENLARGE THE PHOTOS. The following are taken from the photo entries of the entrants of the PEBA 2010 International Photo Contest!

by: Russellamiel
Location Paju South Korea
Profession/Job: OFW Factory worker
Short Explanation/Interpretation: PATRIOTISM waves on a foreign land

by: fdeasis
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Profession/Job: writer/artist
Interpretations/Short Explanation: OFWs raising of the Philippine flag. Love
of country, never to forget.
Independence day 2010.

by analindenhann
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Profession/Job: Full time Mom & Student
Interpretations/Short Explanation:"Proud to be Filipino" My son shouted upon stepping on the frozen lake in Copenhagen.


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