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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Best OFW Advocacy Blog Category Award

Best OFW Advocacy Blog Category Award 

In recognition to the global contribution of Pinoy Expats and OFWS and their phenomenal presence in blogsphere, the PEBA 2011 Committee has unanimously agreed to include its search for Best OFW Advocacy Blog Category Award to complete the 12 blog categories for PEBA's Any Blogger, Anywhere.

OFW Advocacy Blog are blogs written by individuals which focusses on the valuable contributions of the Global Filipinos, stories about courage, heroism and sacrifices through essays and ancedotes, poems and literatures or through pictures and other acceptable medias that are OFW oriented articles. Blogs that are OFW oriented (minimum 60% of total posts must focus or OFW related articles) and has been blogging for the last 6 months are eligible to join. Current nominees' blogs will be re-assessed and will be contacted by the Committee for re-classification and approval.

Online nomination is also open for the following blog categories: (1) Personal Blog, (2) Showbiz and Sports Blog, (3) Food Blog, (4) Fun and Entertainment Blog- Lighthearted and funny blog about life and everything that will make a reader smile or laugh, (5) Gadgets and Tech Blog (6) Negosyo, Entrepreneurship and Investment Blog (7) Wellness, Beauty and Kakikayan Blog (8)   Literary Blog (9) Family and/or Inspirational Blog (10) Picture! Picture! Blog (11) Biyaheng Blog (Travel Blog).

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