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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Some Inspiring Photos from Facebook

This is a quick posts from Facebook photos I saw the past few days that literally moved me, makes me laugh and smile.

On Technology and Laptop and Facebook and Blogging, knows no background or status.

A man, probably in his 70's, holding a laptop while tending the rice fields.

A girl can't leave the laptop while peeing. :) I find this amusing and funny because she reminds me of my little girl, Hevyn.

Obviosly a Photoshopped photo but nevertheless funny!

Dogs are Fun!

Some heartwarming and moving photos that will definitely touch the heart

The love of a mother. 

An unidentified foreigner giving his slipper to a poor woman without slipper. A kind act that worth a million thank you.

A group of young African kids sitting in a circle with their feet stretching forward that looks like a flower. 

We all complain of having not too much, when in some part of the world, they all need a clean drinking water.


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