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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

PEBA Statement Re House Bill 6195 by Representative Ma. Theresa Bonoan - David

PEBA, Inc., a global organization will continue to sound the voice of the OFWs using Social Media as our platform. As an advocate of the Overseas Filipino Workers, we strongly denounce the proposed bill of Rep. Ma. Theresa Bonoan-David amend the Republic Act 8042 and to add and collect 50$ fee for each departing OFW. We consider this as an additional burden for the already heavily laden workers.

We implore Hon. Bonoan-David to retract this bill or we will continue to raise our blogs and walls to protect the OFWs from this thoughtless proposition, you will then be held accountable before millions of Filipinos who have a member of their families working abroad.

May this will serve as a warning to any agencies and government officials that we remain vigilant and will voice our disagreement to issues that directly affects the OFWs.

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