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Sunday, September 2, 2012


·         Nomination Process
·         Criteria and Judging Process
·         Award Categories
·         Prizes
·         Email Details
·         Awarding

An OFW blog to be eligible should be:
·         Managed by an OFW, Pinoy Expat or a Filipino or half-Filipino living abroad. Any Filipino blogger temporarily or permanently residing in a country and culture other than Philippines can be nominated or can join. Those Pinay or Pinoy married to different nationalities can also join.
·         Blog posts (other than the entry post) include the life of Filipinos abroad, and must promote peace and goodwill.
·         Blog posts should be the source of inspiration and hope for Filipinos.
·         Blog posts should enrich the culture and heritage of the Philippines and the Filipino people.

An OFW Supporter blog to be eligible should be:
·         Blog should be listed in KaBlogs aggregating site. Please visit the site so we can make a link for you and we can aggregate your blog post. Email us to add your link.
·         Blog owner must have direct relation or in affinity with one or more Filipino living or working overseas. Some may have fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, and cousins, etc.

·         Blog posts that contains sexually explicit, extreme violence or offensive languages which are not suitable for Age Group "below 18 years old" must be properly declared, tagged and labeled to warn the general public that the blog contents are suitable for adult and mature readers only.
·         Blog posts that contain articles that directly invoke racism (discrimination based on race and ethnic belief & skin color, religious belief, sex and sexual preferences including articles that demean the Overseas Filipino Workers) are prohibited to join this event.
·         At least 6 months presence in the blogging world with at least one post per month.

If you find yourself and your blog qualified for this event, send an email to the secretariat ( and read the Nomination Process.

·         A blog to be nominated should write and post an original blog entry (Tagalog, English, Taglish) about the THEMEThe Social Media and I: Bridging the Past, Present and Future

·         Various ways of expression is allowed: Photos, poem, song lyrics, music, video, cartoons, drawing, with written post relevant to the theme.
·         The BANNER LOGO should be contained in the blog entry as image linking to 


·         If you have some trouble linking us, please feel free to mail at Our volunteers will be ready to assist you anytime, and guide you along the process to make this for you smooth and convenient.
For other inquiries:

·         The PEBA Pre-Screening Committee shall review the blog entry based on its relevance to the theme and review the blog contents randomly for its consistency with the EMAIL SUBMITTED.
·         After posting an entry, and approval from PEBA, a nominated blog should contain the NOMINEE BANNER LOGO of PEBA 2012
·         A nominated blogger should only have one blog entered for the award; multiple blogs for a single blogger is discouraged.
·         A nominated blogger will be allowed to edit, rephrase or make minor corrections on his nominated blog entry within 30 days upon posting provided that the original meaning is preserved. Any changes to the entry post after this period are prohibited.
·         Facebook ‘like’ and ‘share’ facility at PEBA Facebook Fan Page for every official entry will start right after the screenshot will be posted at the PEBA website and PEBA FB Fan page.
·         The deadline for submitting EMAIL and BLOG ENTRY to PEBA 2012 is on November 15, 2012.

There will be two phases of judging process.
1.    Selection of Semifinalist based on blog entry - A Panel of Judges (Semi Finalists Jurors) will review all the blog entries based on the following criteria:
•        Form  20%
•        Substance  50%
•        Originality 30%
Minimum 10 nominees will be selected to qualify for the final selection. A fresh new scoring will be made on the next round of judging.
2.    Selection of Top 10 blog winners will be selected based on the following criteria:
•        Literary merits and relevance to PEBA theme 70%
•        Visibility and Metrics 10%
•        Blog Element 10% 
•        Content 10%

Major Award Categories - OFW Blogger Division
·         Top 10 Blog Winners - OFW Blogger Division
·         Outstanding Blog Entry Award - OFW Blogger Division
·         4 Best Blog Entry Award by Region Categories (CITATION only, if there’s any: Central America & Canada,Asia & Pacific, Middle East & Africa, Europe)
·         PEBA People’s Choice Award (Social Media LIKE and SHARE)

Major Award Categories - OFW Supporter Division
·         Top 10 Blog Winners - OFW Supporter Division
·         Outstanding Blog Entry Award - OFW Supporter Division
·         4 Best Blog Entry Award by Region Categories (CITATION only, if there’s any: Metro Manila, Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao )
·         PEBA People’s Choice Award (Social Media LIKE and SHARE)

OFW Blogger Division
      1st Prize:             Cash Prize plus Freebies and Trophy worth P10,000
      2nd Prize:            Cash Prize plus Freebies and Trophy worth P5,000
      3rd Prize:             Cash Prize plus Freebies and Trophy worth P3,000

OFW Supporter Division

      1st Prize:             Cash Prize plus Freebies and Trophy worth P10,000
      2nd Prize:            Cash Prize plus Freebies and Trophy worth P5,000
      3rd Prize:             Cash Prize plus Freebies and Trophy worth P3,000

·         Name of Nominee (Given Name, MI, Family Name)
·         Gender
·         Current Location (City/Province/State/Country)
·         Blog site Name (That appears on Header)
·         Blog URL Link (html address)
·         Blog Category (Personal Diary, Family, Humor, Political, Religious, etc)
·         First Blog Entry (Title, Date, URL Link)
·         Author's Name (Preference name that will appear on PEBA slide shows, either pen name or real name)
·         Profession
·         Email Address

·                     All PEBA 2012 awardees will be notified individually through email by PEBA 2012 Committee at least 10 days before the scheduled PEBA Awards night.
·                     Awardees are strongly encouraged to attend or send representative to receive their award/s during the PEBA 2012 Awards Night. PEBA shall not be liable for any loss or damaged claims after the awarding ceremony.
·                     Awardees who’ll be unable to attend and collect their award/s during the PEBA 2012 awarding ceremony will be given a maximum of Fifteen (15) days to claim their award/s such as freebies, product tokens, trophies, plaques, certificates, cash prize and other winning materials by contacting PEBA 2012 Secretariat. After 15 days period, all unclaimed freebies, product tokens and cash prize will be forfeited and these items will be donated to charitable institutions to be determined by PEBA.

For questions or if you want assistance, please email: 
o   OFW SUPPORTER (Philippine Based):

©2012 Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards

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