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Monday, August 25, 2014

Ellen Degeneres: Some of the best singers are from the Philippines!

Sa Tweet ng sikat na TV Host na si Ellen DeGeneres, she said, "I’ve learned 2 things about TV. It’s always easier with vodka & some of the best singers are from the Philippines."

Here are the samples why:
Who would forget the General Santos based duo, Aldrich Talonding and his cousin, James Walter Bucong singing the social media hit, Dance with my Father. 

Jhong, the "Air Supply Boy" with cover rendition of 'Having You Near Me' and video originally uploaded by.Zacky

Another Pinoy Talent in Singing "The Prayer" at the Glorietta Activity Center with the unusual dual voice,  singing male and female at the same time. Video Originally uploaded by Annabelle

And the 'Rapper Nurse' named Fatima of EAMC  as uploaded by Daff

At sinong nakakaalala sa isang Random Girl na nagpataob ng karaoke machine sa SM Mall?

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