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Friday, September 5, 2014


President Benigno S. Aquino III, Transportation and Communications Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya and Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) general manager Jose Angel Honrado. (Photo by: Gil Nartea / MalacaƱang Photo Bureau).

One volunteer asked:

("According to Section 35, of the Migrant Workers and Overseas Filipinos Act 1995 (Republic Act 8042), OFWs shall be exempted from the payment of travel tax and airport terminal fee. Anong silbi ng batas na ito kung memorandum lang ay kaya palang palitan at patawan ang mga OFW ng babayarin? ")

EFFECTIVE ON OCTOBER 1, 2014 ALL OFWs who bought their ticket abroad and/or online will be paying an extra P550 Terminal Fee. Since OFWs are exempted of this scheme according to law, they are allowed to get a refund in the Philippines. Read the chronology of events and the processes, and requirements below.


International Passenger Service Charge (IPSC) Integration Program

Initial scheme was Pay–all

All exempted pax PAY subject to refund

Dialogue with Government Stakeholders and Manning Agencies

On March 2014 there was a clamor to modify the pay-all scheme.

A.) IPSC  to be integrated by DEFAULT for tickets purchased ONLINE or ABROAD
B.)   IPSC will NOT  be collected for tickets purchased   from ticketing offices / travel agents  within the Philippines upon presentation of exemption certificate

On July 8, 2014  there was a Dialogue with DOLE, POEA, Land-based and NGOs including the Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards, or PEBA, Inc.

July 21, 2014  :  Update concerned Government Agencies on the status of the   Integration of IPSC. DOLE and POEA requested for the exemption of OFWs at the point of sale even if purchased abroad or online. 

MIAA arranged a meeting between DOLE, POEA and Air Carriers to explore the possibility of exempting OFWs even if ticket is purchased online or abroad:

On August 20, 2014  there was an  Initial dialogue between DOLE   and POEA, PAL & Cebu Pacific and on August 28, 2014,  POEA had a dialogue with Air Carriers
  Air Carriers agreed to study the   issues raised by DOLE and POEA for incorporation in   phase 2 of the Integration program.

Refund Process

1. Refund counters located after immigration counters on departure date at the MIAA Administration Building.

Documentary Requirements
At the Terminals (on departure date after clearing Immigration)

a) Submit copy of passenger ticket / invoice / official receipt or any other document which clearly shows that exempted pax has paid the IPSC.

b) Surrender original copy of Exemption Certificate (airport copy)

c) Presentation of Boarding Pass

Documentary Requirements
At the MIAA Administration Building (by representative or upon arrival)

  In all cases, refunds must be accompanied by the following:
a) Duly accomplished Request for Refund Form

b) Submit copy of passenger ticket / invoice / official receipt or any other document which clearly shows that exempted pax has paid the IPSC.

c) Original copy of Exemption Certificate (airport copy)

d) Presentation of original copy of boarding pass and submission of a photocopy thereof. If original copy of the boarding pass is not available, any of the following documents:

1.Presentation of passport showing the passenger’s identity and date of departure, or

2.Certificate from the Air Carrier of the departure date of the passenger/s (in the absence of the passport)

Documentary Requirements
If refund is thru a representative:

a) Documents enumerated above; and

b) Special Power of Attorney (SPA) executed in favor of the representative; and

c)Valid Government-issued ID of the passenger’s representative for the purpose of claiming refund

 Documentary Requirements
Group Refund

a) Documents enumerated above; and

b) Special Power of Attorney (SPA) executed by the Passenger Claimants designating an entity in possession of the Exemption Certificate to claim the refund; and

c) Valid Government-issued ID of the entity’s  representative 

Another volunteer said:

"May lapses kasi dito sa TERMINAL FEE na P550. May batas na libre ang mga OFW ng Terminal Fee. Bakit hindi sinusunod ang batas?

Una: Tadtad ng requirements para makapagparefund. As an OFW na nagmamadaling umuwi sa pamilya natin, we don't have time to fall in line and process for this, kaya expect na lolobo ang 'trust fund' nila.

2nd: Kung magpaparefund ka through representative dapat may Special Power of Attorney. Magkano pagawa ng SPF? Tapos paparefund mo P550 pamasahe pa ng relatives na magpaparefund so lolobo na nga ang 'trust fund'.

3rd: Yung mga kagaya namin na nasa labas ng bansa at kumpanya ang bumibili ng ticket, embedded na daw yung terminal fee, so walang kwenta na OFW kami at exempted kasi company naman ang nagbabayad, at dahil hindi namin pera, baka sakaling di na kami magpaparefund, so mapupunta ang pera sa 'trust fund'.

4th: Yung mga kagaya ng kakilala namin na binibigay sa kanila ang pera pambili ng ticket, mababawasan ng P550 ang kanyang perang pambili, o kung apat sila sa pamilya, mababawasan ng P2200. Kung ipaparefund nila punta sa MIAA Building, fill up ng forms, pipila, at ipapakita ang mga dokumento at kung may connecting flights sila, hindi na nila paparefund kasi hassle pa, so sa 'trust fund' mapupunta ang pera."

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